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Berri-Clear Skin: Customer Story

     Berri-Clear Skin is an online beauty brand that sells a plant-based face serum to smooth out skin tones and blemishes. Marsha Indigo McBain (Founder) is passionate about helping her customers regain their confidence and boost their self-esteem with her...

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How Driver Tags Increase Your Efficiency

Driver Tags are a fast, cheap, and simple way to help increase the efficiency of your mail operation. Printed on non-tearable synthetic paper, your mail drivers will rubber band the driver tag around the mail or use it as a divider in EMM trays to keep mail separated...

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Shipping Solution Comparison

To win shipping business from current and prospective clients you will need to be able to offer a technology solution that is more convenient than, Pirate Ship, and FedEx/UPS. If you can offer visibility, flexibility, customization, and customer...

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State of the Industry

The Postal Service has stated that letter mail volume has decreased by 30% over the past 10 years. Meanwhile, package volume has grown from 74 billion in 2017 to 87 billion in 2018 and is expected to more than double by 2025 where it is expected that 200 billion...

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Strategic Transformation Plan

At My Shipping Post, shaking things up is our passion! BUT, we realize that shaking things up for most people sounds exhausting, complicated, and overwhelming. With this in mind, we implemented a business-as-usual onboarding model. Executed correctly, we will be able to connect…

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How to Streamline Operations at the Mail Facility

Processing packages on behalf of your clients provides some very generous profit margins, but it can be time-consuming if you don’t have the appropriate technology and hardware in place.
The first step to increasing your package processing efficiency is by introducing…

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