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How Driver Tags Increase Your Efficiency

Jan 6, 2022 | Blog

Driver Tags are a fast, cheap, and simple way to help increase the efficiency of your mail operation. Printed on non-tearable synthetic paper, your mail drivers will rubber band the driver tag around the mail or use it as a divider in EMM trays to keep mail separated by customers. This process will help your drivers stay organized, speed things up for mail processors, and save your accountants the headache of correcting mistakes when mail is processed under the wrong account.

The template below highlights some key information to include:

Route: If you have multiple drivers & routes then divide them up by Route A, B, C and include the Stop number. This will allow your drivers to easily put their tags in the correct order before they head out on their daily route.

QR Code: If there is one thing COVID taught us it is how to use QR codes as these became the new menus at almost every restaurant. Did you know you can create QR codes for addresses? This makes it easier for new hires who are still learning their route or for employees who might have to fill in for a driver. They just need to scan the QR code with their phone and they will receive turn-by-turn directions to the customers’ location.

Account Info: Include the customer’s name and customer number on the driver tag to make it faster for your mail processor to locate the account in your metering machine. This also makes it easier when you are processing mail for customers with multiple sub-accounts. If you have customers that require different ancillary service endorsements, then make note of it with the appropriate initial.

Barcode: If your metering machine can scan barcodes to pull up customer accounts then include this on your driver tag. This is a surefire way to avoid manual entry mistakes, so you know mail is being metered under the correct account.

Notes: Many customers have different business needs. Including a notes section on your driver tags will help you and your team to provide exceptional service and maintain long-lasting customer relationships.

Increasing operational efficiency doesn’t always require you to purchase new software technology or big, bright, and fancy processing equipment. Start with the easy fixes to help you scale and grow your operation!

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