Packages Are The Future Of Mail

As mail volumes continue to decline, you need to join our network of next-gen mail service providers and pivot your mail operations into the shipping industry!

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Into The Shipping Industry

Use the advancement of digital technology to grow your revenues for a change!

  • Stop fighting the growth of digital technology
  • Offer innovative new services to your customers
  • Start competing in a booming shipping industry
You have the experience, the people, and the network. Now, all you need is a technology partner that will help you put it all together!

Online Tracking

Make your customers’ lives easier by giving them instant access to their shipments 24/7.

Online Tracking

Feeding back tracking information is like building fire with a stick in the stone age. It’s thrilling when it works, but most of the time you are just waiting anxiously in the dark.

Dropoff Flexibility

Give your customers the ability to do as much or as little as they want.

Dropoff Flexibility

Traditionally, client packages had to go through your mail facility to win their business. This limits your potential to serve clients outside the mail route, it puts the liability on you for addressing mistakes, and it virtually eliminates your margin by the time you collect, address, weigh, measure, and deliver the packages to the USPS.

Automated Billing

Invoice customers’ business as usual or allow them to put a payment source on file with an auto-refill feature.

Automated Billing

Invoicing clients monthly, maintaining escrow accounts, and carrying client postage is a thing of the pastthank goodness!

Branded Portal

Build confidence by providing customers an easy way to print labels & track their packages.

Branded Portal

Consumers demand a personalized experience these days, and their shipping experience is no expectation!

Shopping Cart APIs

Open up a whole new market by helping online businesses ship out their e-commerce products.

Shopping Cart APIs

The My Shipping Post software integrates directly with leading e-commerce platforms which opens the door to 3M+ online retailers that you can now serve!

Live-Chat Support

Let the My Shipping Post team help with customer support so your team can focus on making money.

Live-Chat Support

When customers have to hunt down your contact information to get a quick question answered, it takes valuable time out of their day and yours.

Everything You Need, And Nothing That You Don’t!

Streamline Your Package Operation

With My Shipping Post’s MSP Dimensioner 100D and the Zebra RS 5100 handheld OCR scanner, your team has the tools they need to capture package level details faster than ever before.

CASS Certified Addresses

Reduce headaches caused by returned packages by certifying each address before shipment

Differential Weighing

Process packages faster by capturing only the weight of last package taken off the scale

Dimensional Scale

Take advantage of cubic pricing by capturing the dimensions of every package in a snap

Electronic Manifest Submissions

Never print another manifest document again! We submit all the paperwork behind the scenes

Driver Tags

Allow your team to scan driver tags instead of manually searching for customer accounts

OCR Addressing

Capture typed and handwritten addresses off your packages with a click of our handheld OCR

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Listen To What Our Partners Are Saying!

Now that we have partnered with My Shipping Post, tracking is available instantly to all of our clients and they absolutely love it!

James Breedlove

General Manager, Red River Presort

A challenge we used to face was declining package volume as we lost a lot of business to UPS and FedEx due to not having an efficient way to feed tracking back to our clients. The My Shipping Post platform helped resolve this issue with their online portal where our clients can create, manage, and track all of their outgoing packages. This has allowed us to win more business and increase our package volumes by 10% per month.

Lee Borns

Vice President, Borns Group

Processing packages use to be time-consuming, but My Shipping Post helped streamline our operation with their OCR and dimensional scale. Now, we have the ability to process packages four to five times faster than our old system.

Jason Hermansen

Sr. Sales Executive, Skymail International

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