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Berri-Clear Skin: Customer Story

Jan 11, 2022 | Customer Story

     Berri-Clear Skin is an online beauty brand that sells a plant-based face serum to smooth out skin tones and blemishes. Marsha Indigo McBain (Founder) is passionate about helping her customers regain their confidence and boost their self-esteem with her proprietary and life-changing formula. The demand for her product increases month-over-month as women all over the world share their experience and positive results from the Berri-Clear Skin product. Growth stages are exciting but like for any business, they do come with their challenges. For Marsha, the challenge was shipping, which is why she chose to join the My Shipping Post fulfillment network.

     Marsha spent countless hours a week dedicated to picking, packing, and sending out online orders. What used to be a fun and exciting process began turning into what she called an “arduous task” and a major obstacle when scaling a business. By utilizing the My Shipping Post fulfillment services Marsha can now:

     • Dedicate more time to growing her business to help more women
     • Increase her shopping cart conversion rates by offering faster shipping times
     • Work from anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection as she no longer needs to physically fulfill orders

     The My Shipping Post <> Shopify integration allows Marsha to be completely hands-off from the fulfillment process. Orders automatically sync into the My Shipping Post software giving the fulfillment center complete visibility into the order details (recipient name, recipient address, items ordered, etc.) so they can quickly pick, pack, and ship the Berri-Clear product to her customers. Once the orders have been manifested, the information is automatically sent back to the Berri-Clear Skin Shopify dashboard where Marsha can verify the order has been fulfilled and view the tracking details. The tracking and order details are also sent to the customer through an automated email.

     By utilizing the My Shipping Post fulfillment network, Marsha can focus on her true passion, helping women all over the world boost their confidence with the Berri-Clear face serum!

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