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As a Mail Service Provider, Where do I Fit in the Shipping Industry?

Dec 2, 2021 | Blog

Believe it or not, mail service providers are in the perfect position to offer the most convenient shipping solution in their community for a few different reasons. 

First off, as a mail service provider you exist because you are the INDUSTRY EXPERT:
  1. You understand the intricacies of the mailing and shipping industry
  2. You know how to commingle, sort, bag, and tag to achieve better rates than your clients can get on their own
  3. You stay on top of the changes in the industry so your clients don’t have to
Next, you have the INFRASTRUCTURE:
  1. You have the processing facility
  2. You have the mail professionals
  3. You have the sorting equipment
  4. You have the delivery vehicles
  5. You have the routes and drivers who are already making their way around the community to pick up mail
Third, and possibly the most important, you have already developed the NETWORK:
  1. You have long-standing relationships with your clients
  2. Your customers trust you
  3. Your customers know and value your services
  4. You are a familiar face in their place of business

This value that you already offer to the marketplace is a fundamental link to creating the most efficient delivery network in your community.  

Now, some questions to ask yourself are:

Do you have the technology in place to make you the leading shipping provider in your community?

Do you have the technology that is going to help you win business with current and prospective clients who might be shipping packages through other couriers like UPS and FedEx?

Do you have the technology that opens business opportunities to expand your shipping services to online sellers all over the country?

Do you have the technology that is going to help you grow and increase the efficiency of your day-to-day operations?

Do you have the technology that gives your clients the flexibility to make their lives easier?

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